Branding & Marketing

Your brand is more than your logo, name or slogan — it’s the entire experience your prospects and customers have with your company, product or service.

Your brand strategy defines what you stand for, a promise you make, and the personality you convey. By integrating international best practice with local insights and expertise, we help you understand the impact of branding and create new brands or rejuvenate existing ones, bringing them to life across a range of customer touch points.

Brand Methodology

Our brand methodology comprise of these 5 phases designed to contribute to the business growth.

Phase 1: Brand Audit

  1. Internal & external perception analysis of the business
  2. Secondary research on general overview of the industry and key competitors.
  3. Secondary research on key trends in the industry
  4. Identify the gaps, opportunities, SWOT & competitor analysis

Phase 2: Formulate Brand Strategy

By understanding the business vision and intended company direction and plans from the founders and key management, we will propose the brand vision, value proposition, promise, brand DNA and personality to define the differentiated positioning from competition.

Phase 3: Design Brand Identity

Once the brand strategy is in place, we will design the brand visual identity guide on logo usage and application on marketing collaterals & communication materials. This will guide our graphic designers to deliver a consistent and coherent brand image in line with the brand positioning, vision and personality crafted in Phase 2.

Phase 4: Develop Marketing Strategy & Touchpoints

The marketing strategy will be developed to include the 4Ps (Product/Service, Price, Place and Promotion), target segments and target new markets. It also includes roadmap to achieve the targets sets for expansion.

The design of the marketing collaterals and communications required to support the business will be identified such as

  • Stationaries (Business cards, letterhead, invoices, envelop)
  • PowerPoint template in English & Chinese
  • Leaflet 4pp/corporate brochure- 8pp/Sales kit 8pp English & Chinese
  • Roadshow Banner/Poster/T shirt
  • EDM in English & Chinese

Phase 5: Develop the Brand Culture

To educate and align all employees on brand management, understanding the usage of brand manual. This will be a one day training to be conducted to each department head to educate fundamental of  brand management, developing the internal SOP when using the brand logo, etc identity system and briefing the application & usage of the brand manual.

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